With over three decades of school leadership as Superintendent, Personnel Director (for a 50,000 student district) and Principal, Dan Stiffler has seen the education of too many children stymied by chronically underperforming teachers. Dan insists that principals have the power to make interesting, inspiring, and engaging classrooms a reality and is determined to provide administrators with a systematic, thorough, and compassionate way to improve classroom instruction.  Whether the obstacles are tenure law, unions, apathy or the school culture in general, Dan demonstrates that there is a systematic and proven way through.

Dan’s experience includes everything from the small town to serving in a major urban area. His range of experience and unique, innovative perspectives give his conversations with school districts an added authenticity.  He is known as a “Good Listener” and “Problem Solver” with outstanding coaching and motivational skills crafted to bring out the best in people.  His practical, customer-focused style and fusion of real-life stories into his presentation connect with educators at an intimate, intense and individual level.

Dan received his doctorate from Oklahoma State University and holds graduate and undergraduate degrees  from the University of Oklahoma, the University of Central Oklahoma and Wichita State University.  He has served on the Board of Examiners with the 2009 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program where he worked with the nation’s best and brightest in the field of quality. In 2010, Dan was selected by his colleagues as President of the Kansas Association of School Personnel Administrators.

Prior to his work in human resources, Dan, a band and orchestra director by education and passion, oversaw one of the most acclaimed urban Fine Arts Departments in the nation as Director of Fine Arts for the Wichita Public Schools in Wichita, KS.